Help find a young person's
purpose in life.
Become a trained mentor.

To become a One Million Mentor, you need to be 25 and over. You need to be either a professional/retired professional, be prepared to give one hour, per month for twelve months and complete our Level One mandatory online training. Sign up today and help a young person find their purpose in life.

Our programme in London is now closed.

The deadline for signing up and completing your profile for the Cardiff and Manchester programme has been extended to 23rd June.

1. Sign up and take the training

Create an account in under one minute which will lead you to our bespoke mentor online curriculum. Take our Level one short mandatory training course (between 1 to 2 hours). Level two and three are optional.

2. Complete your profile

You will need to complete your profile in order to tell us a bit about yourself, motivations for mentoring and who you would like to mentor. Once the training and profile are completed you will then be able to move to the next stage.

3. Explore mentoring opportunities

One Million Mentors will begin to advertise opportunities in your local city from late February.

4. Track progress and Receive ongoing support

Once you have been matched with a mentee, you will have a dashboard to chart the relationship's progress. We will guide you through the relationship and signpost you to further resources.

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