About One Million Mentors

One Million Mentors (1MM) is a unique, community-based mentoring project with one simple aim: to connect one million young people with one million life-changing opportunities. This is even more important right now given the impact of COVID-19 on young people.

We back the talents of young people to improve their career chances, while at the same time strengthening local communities. 1MM was founded on the belief that through personal, one-to-one mentoring, more young people can grow the knowledge, networks, skills and confidence they need to succeed.

By giving them online access to a trained mentor every young person in the country can have the chance to reach their potential. Together we are meeting the challenge and creating social change, on a national scale.

Why now?

Young people in the UK are facing some of the biggest challenges and worst economic prospects for generations.

With our help they can overcome these barriers. We link mentors with high social capital to young people who have low social capital, to accelerate social mobility.

Through the provision of trained volunteer mentors from within the business world and community, 1MM boosts support and advice for young people in the areas of education, employment and social action.

About 1MM 5
About 1MM 4

What we do

1MM harnesses the power of one-to-one mentoring, creating connections that make a difference.

We want to give young people the opportunity to gain the knowledge, networks, skills and confidence they need to succeed.

1MM connects young people with businesses, professionals and people within local communities who have the experience and expertise in the world of work and want to share it.

One connection, one regular conversation… One life changed.