Sheikh Aliur Rahman

Aliur Rahman
Sheikh Aliur Rahman
Chief Executive of the London Tea Exchange

Aliur currently works as the Chief Executive of the London Tea Exchange and acts as a Senior Advisor to Capital Media and Consultancy. He is currently advising a number of high profile clients on major developments across London and recent projects include delivering three of the tallest towers in Europe. Prior to joining the London Tea Exchange he worked for a leading investment company in the City and has extensive senior management experience. Aliur has been at the forefront of working with large investment projects and has worked extensively amongst the private, public and third sector. Aliur currently holds various third sector advisory roles at a local, regional and national level and remains active in urban regeneration programmes across Europe and Asia.

He has been prominent in representing investment companies in many of the leading emerging countries and has been involved in major projects in Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia. Through his travels Aliur has developed a passion for tea. In 2003 Aliur founded the London Tea Exchange and invested a significant amount of his time in collecting some of the rarest teas in the world. Today London Tea Exchange has one of the largest collection of rear and premium teas in the world and is renowned amongst tea connoisseurs and collectors from across the globe.