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Interested in mentoring a young person from Cardiff, East London or Greater Manchester?

Mentors are likely to have five years general working experience or two years post-graduate working experience.

We’re currently working with organisations and mentors who can support young people across these areas – if you’d like to become one of our mentors, please sign up and complete the online training.

Become a Mentor

I found mentoring both motivational and inspiring in equal measure. Above all it helped me to appreciate that I am now a small cog in a very large machine that is going to have a huge beneficial impact on our society in the future!Mentor, Paul Brennan, West Midlands

Meet our mentors.

In Greater Manchester, the West Midlands and Cardiff almost half of all mentors have committed to either a new mentoring relationship, or have chosen to support their mentee for another year.

What motivates our mentors?

• 97% want to help other people

• 70% want to benefit from a sense of fulfilment or growth

• 37% want to gain or increase skills

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