Alvin’s Story

Alvin Carpio, World Economic Forum Global Shaper

Alvin works with governments, businesses, and civil society to address poverty in the United Kingdom. He was born and raised in East London. His mother came to the UK when she was 19 and worked as a chambermaid cleaning hotels. His father, who died when Alvin was 9 years old, came later and worked as a waiter.

Sadiq Khan has strengthened my belief that no matter where you’re from, you can make it to the top and change the world by making it a better place. Alvin Carpio, World Economic Forum Global Shaper

Alvin became the first in his family to graduate from university with a BA in History and Politics and has since completed a Master’s degree in social policy. UpRising instilled a great sense of duty in him towards his community and country as well as the value of giving back. He has spent the last decade campaigning for human rights in the Philippines, working with communities in Tottenham in response to the English Riots in 2011, running soup kitchens for the homeless, advising governments in Europe and the Commonwealth about responses to youth unemployment, and lobbying for changes to policies and amendments to legislation to support people in poverty across the UK.

Alvin has been lucky enough to be mentored by a Lord, a Harvard lecturer, and the current Mayor of London. He credits what he has achieved up to this point to the lessons, support, and belief his mentors have given him.

Sadiq Kahn
As Mayor of London I believe good mentoring can make a significant impact to the lives of young Londoners. Mentoring has the potential to accelerate learning, skills, networks and opportunities of our young people to realise their potential and positively contribute economically and socially to our great city. There are too many young people who are not able to fully benefit from all the opportunities that this great city has to offer. Yet there is a unique set of talents, experiences and opportunities at our disposal in London. If we can mobilise this wealth of abilities to invest in our young people; give them guidance, support and access to networks, then we can unleash potential which will not only have a direct impact on young people, but on our businesses and communities more generally. It is then that we can say we are truly open to all within London and across the world.Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London

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