Jasleen’s Story

Jasleen Bijral, Senior Online Diabetes Specialist

Jasleen is a Mentor from Manchester, who mentored during the Pilot stage of One Million Mentors. Here is her story:

My mentoring journey has been a great learning curve. I have learnt more about how to understand other people and manage my expectations of others. Mentoring has also inspired me to do further research on particular issues that my mentee faces.

Busy people mentor because they want to do something good for somebody else. Someone who is busy will make the time to help people out – we all need to pass on the help that we have had to other people. In schools, in particular, teachers don’t always have the time to look at developing life skills with young people if it isn’t on the curriculum. Like teachers, mentors have a responsibility to young people.

The online platform certainly gave me insight in terms of what is expected of a mentor. The first lesson was particularly good on meeting structure and how to think through your approach.

I can see the journey that my mentee is on and the effects that my input is having. Seeing positive change in your mentee is all you can ask for. To anyone looking to be a mentor, I would say: have no expectations apart from be the best that you can be – this will certainly inspire somebody else.

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