Louisa’s Story

Louisa Chastney, Mentor Coordinator at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL): Preparing for life after university

Louisa is QMentoring Coordinator at Queen Mary, and a dedicated 1MM Mentor Coordinator. After delivering a successful programme as part of our London pilot, 1MM was thrilled to welcome another cohort from Queen Mary to help young people develop their employability skills and meet industry professionals.

What challenges are currently facing your young people?

There are a wide range of challenges facing the students that I work with, from balancing part-time work alongside their studies, to making new friends and learning how to navigate a brand new city. Most of the students on the QMentoring programme come from low socio-economic backgrounds and the pressure to prepare for life after University and find graduate employment is huge, especially when you are the first in your family to take this step.

Why is mentoring important for helping to mitigate these challenges?

Career mentoring is important for the young people that I work with as it enables to them to make better informed career choices, develop their employability skills, and gain confidence with applying for graduate roles. Crucially, career mentoring connects students with successful professionals, working in a wide range of industries, who they are otherwise unlikely to have access to.

How is mentoring benefiting the wider university community?

Here, at Queen Mary, career mentoring benefits not only the students who participate in the programme, but it’s also a fantastic way for members of the alumni community and local businesses to be actively involved with the University.

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