Michael’s Story

Michael and Felicitie

Michael says that the mentoring he received from One Million Mentors (1MM) gave him social confidence to meet new people. Michael also received a ‘Millennium Volunteers Award’ through his experience at “The Thornhill Church Centre”.

Here Michael describes what he enjoyed about being a Mentee with 1MM:

I liked receiving mentoring from the One Million Mentors scheme because this gave me social confidence to meet new people and talk to them about my occupation and interests. During the Mentor meetings, I have discussed what I do in work and outside work as well. I’ve spoken about working for Mencap, going Kayaking and volunteering in The Thornhill Church Centre and I have written and typed up documents about what I like about each of these things.

One of the new opportunities that I’ve gained from becoming a Mentee is receiving my Millennium Volunteers Award through volunteering in The Thornhill Church Centre. This shows that I have spoken about an experience I’ve had and through this conversation I’ve gained a new way of developing. I was a volunteer before I became a Mentee but it was the my Mentor who informed me about the Millennium Volunteer Awards scheme.

More important than Volunteering, I have a paid job with Mencap who put me into contact with One Million Mentors. I have spoken about why my job is important to me. I would like to publish my writing about my career with Mencap and speak about it in front of an audience. I think that one of the ways that I can do this is by fundraising for Mencap and putting up a photograph of what I’m doing to fundraise.

One of the interests that stood out when I was typing up a document about what I wanted to gain from the mentoring, was writing. Public speaking is something that I can develop as well, through presenting the volunteering award that I have gained from mentoring, and that gives me more contacts as well. This will help me to improve the way I interact with people inside Mencap and outside Mencap.

When I became a mentee I gained social skills by meeting a Mentor and attending meetings with a new person helped me to develop more confidence. This skill has an effect in various aspects of life. When I meet new work colleagues, when I join new kayaking clubs, when I’m serving new customers in The Community Centre where I volunteer.

I can gain inspiration through the mentoring scheme by counting up the scores to keep records of attendance like I did when I filled in the record sheet of my hours of volunteering, to gain My Millennium Volunteer Award and I can create a template sheet to help me to develop within my job at Mencap as well.

Felicitie’s Perspective:

Mentoring Michael helped Feliciite to better understand the experiences of being a young person in the Welsh community today:

I have enjoyed my mentoring experience with 1MM. Mentoring enables me to continue to flex my skills and expertise in mentoring and to exercise my passion in empowering young people.

The main challenge was ensuring I was providing the right level of support to my mentee to enable him to take on the actions he was taking away at the end of each session. Nonetheless, through my support the mentee has been able to access formal recognition for his volunteering.

Felicitie states she would:

certainly recommend mentoring as a way of contributing to the community and to develop one’s skills and experiences in mentoring. Michael has shown commitment to the experience and worked hard to achieve his goal of getting his written content published. I hope he continues to write and find avenues to share his work. I wish him all the best with his next challenges.

Felicitie is the “Volunteering Grants and Youth Development Manager” at “Wales Council for Voluntary Action.”

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