Sabrina and I met up back in July 2015 for our 6 months UpRising mentoring partnership – but we are still in touch and meet up 2-3 times a year each year. In fact, I was honoured to attend Sabrina’s wedding back in October 2016.

Sabrina was interested in careers in regulatory affairs – which I had been involved in for many years prior to my early retirement to develop my non-executive portfolio career.

Sabrina met with a number of people in my network and ultimately was successful in her application to be employed at AstraZeneca (where I had worked for over 30 years) as a regulatory manager.

I have been very lucky in life to have had a number of mentors – and I have learned so much from them and continue to do so. UpRising was my first formal ‘mentoring’ role in this phase of my career. It has been a great opportunity to reflect and to share experiences. I enjoyed having a framework to facilitate our mentoring journey whilst having the flexibility to adjust to how we felt on the day!

Having someone who is not directly related to your work area broadens your horizons and see things from different perspectives. It is a safe and supportive way of developing yourself and also helps you to help others in your career. Sabrina and I have found a special friendship and I learn from my mentee too. I also now know many wonderful places to have tea in Manchester’s Northern Quarter!

Ali Harrison, Non Executive Director and Board Trustee


Mentoring has been a positive and fruitful experience for me. I have found it to be a safe, non-judgmental and supportive platform to discuss career goals with open and honest feedback. The key benefit for me has been the exposure to networks and opportunities I would never have had and increased confidence in my own abilities.

Mentoring is important as it provides you with new future options to consider. I believe mentoring provides you with encouragement and support which raises your motivation to succeed in achieving your goals.

It is a great way have opportunities to help your career and personal development. It develops you as a person, highlights your strengths and weaknesses and how to best utilise them. It has also had a significant impact on my life and career. I am in the industry and field I wanted to be in and it has opened up so many options to me which I never thought I would be capable of. Above all it has provided me with a great starting path to continue my journey. In Ali I have found a great role model and an amazing friend.

Sabrina, AstroZeneca