My mentor has been a source of comfort that has built my confidence to know that there is someone there to offer support when starting out in a new profession that can at times feel overwhelming.” Emma Howard, Senior Reporter / UpRising Trustee and ELN member

Emma is a senior reporter at Energydesk, the environmental news site run by Greenpeace.  She has won a British Journalism Award for her work on Keep it in the Ground, the Guardian’s climate change campaign, and a Legal Reporting Award for her reports on the impact of cuts to legal aid.  She also worked on their international campaign against FGM.

Emma found Christina’s advice and support extremely useful in getting her first journalism job on the Guardian’s trainee scheme. Her mentor combed through Emma’s application, gave her a mock interview and supported her through the process. Over the last few years Christina has advised Emma on numerous occasions when she has come up against the challenges of an industry she knew little about on the inside.

“I think it’s easy to underestimate the challenges young people face in getting a first rung on the career ladder and it’s a privilege to help them on their way.” – Christina Patterson, Journalist and Broadcaster

Christina is a journalist and broadcaster who writes about culture, society, politics and the arts for The Sunday Times and The Guardian. A former columnist at The Independent, she was shortlisted for the Orwell Prize for her campaigning work to raise standards in nursing.  She always dreamt of being a journalist, but did not know any journalists when she was young, and did not have the confidence to break into what she knew was a tough trade. When Christina finally did, in her thirties, she knew she had found her vocation. So when Emma Howard asked her to mentor her, she was delighted to offer the help she never had. Christina was impressed by Emma’s determination and ambition, and helped steer her through the application and interview process to get her first job on a national newspaper. Christina continues to offer advice and support and is thrilled to see the extraordinary progress Emma has made.