Rosa’s Story

Rosa is a Labour Councillor for Ancoats & Beswick, Manchester. She is mentoring a young person from UpRising’s Leadership Programme. Here is her account of mentoring with One Million Mentors.

“My experience of mentoring a young person through 1MM has been really lovely because our relationship has been both professional and personal. 

Giving advice to my mentee has helped me refocus on who I am and where I am. For example, when I am telling my mentee to set goals for herself, I also set goals for myself and this has helped me figure out where I am in my journey.

Mentoring a young person is important because I was grateful to have mentors at the beginning of my career. This experience has helped me decide where to go, and what to do, it’s definitely helped me get to my position where I am now. It’s been great to be able to pass on that information to help others and been able to receive that.

The impact of mentoring on myself, is it has enhanced my understanding of the issues young people face during employment, getting their foot in the door and there’s lots of amazing young people who aren’t getting where they want to be.

In addition, the impact of mentoring has highlighted that the importance to be surrounded with people who have different life experiences and its helped me want to help young people more to give career advice.

I have been able to offer my mentee access to my wider network as a Councillor, however, there is more to be done. As a mentor you can open all the doors but sometimes opportunities don’t open up during that 12 months window of the mentoring relationship but I will support my mentee in any way I can.”