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Businesses play a vital role in helping us transform mentoring provision across the UK. You can give a young person the opportunity to thrive.

By partnering with businesses, we aim to grow the number of mentors across Cardiff Capital Region, East London, and Greater Manchester.

1MM’s unique programme won’t just help your business to nurture and discover young talent – you’ll also create and strengthen community links, reach new customers and develop your staff.

If you’re interested in discussing how staff in your organisation can become a 1MM mentor, email us by clicking the link below.

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Lloyds Banking Group are proud to be working with One Million Mentors to support the Mayor’s Mentors scheme in the West Midlands – helping to set young people on the right path for a successful future and develop the life skills they will need as they enter the world of work. Harris, Ambassador for the Midlands
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What do mentors do?

One young person. One mentor. One-to-one. One hour a month.

The 1MM platform is designed for the busy professional and provides a support framework to enable a mentor to be effective. 1MM mentors receive high-quality online training and ongoing support, as well as access to relevant resources and good practice advice.

We train all kinds of people to be mentors, who will likely to have five years general working experience or two years post-graduate working experience − whether working, retired or on a career break. Mentors are then introduced to their mentee, who they meet for one hour, once a month, for up to a year.

What we expect of you

As an employer organisation, we will support you to recruit and train your staff. However, we do require one member of your team to be a designated ‘Volunteer Coordinator’ to manage and engage staff internally. This will include recruitment, supervision and ongoing support throughout the mentoring relationship.

Benefits for business

We are offering you the opportunity to join our community of forward-thinking businesses and to help shape our future.

Our research shows that mentoring can have a significant impact on young people. It can be a catalyst for positive life choices and has the potential to transform a young person’s life.

The business case for supporting mentoring includes:

  • Personal development for employees
  • Connecting with diverse future talent
  • Opportunities for talent acquisition
  • Fostering meaningful relationships with the local community

Frequently Asked Questions

  • All mentors need to complete 1MM’s development programme before they can be matched. This consists of an online training modules that fit conveniently into busy work schedules, followed by a group mentor workshop (online).

  • Aside from the Mentor Workshop, there are resources available on the 1MM platform via your account, as well as monthly updates with useful resources sent to mentors from the 1MM team.

  • There is no cost to get involved, but there are packages that better support your commitments aligned with learning and development, diversity and inclusion, and talent acquisition. For more details contact Zahid on zahid.howladar@1mm.org.uk.

  • Our online training includes a module on safeguarding, also with additional guidance in the resources.

  • For any schemes that may need a DBS check, the Mentoring Coordinator there will be in touch to coordinate this.

  • One hour, once a month, for up to a year.

  • This might be possible depending on the timing of your interest, and ability to confirm a set number of mentors. Please discuss with 1MM which of the packages best suits your needs by contacting Zahid at zahid.howladar@1mm.org.uk.

  • To raise awareness and to internally assign a Volunteer Coordinator, to ensure mentoring commitments are met.

  • Yes, please see here.

  • The online training should take 1 to 2 hours only and can be completed over a few lunch breaks. With modules being just 5-10mins each, the expectation to do this within 2wks is easily met by most.

  • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all our workshops are currently delivered online. There are waitlists however, so we offer you the option tosponsor additional sessions and expedite your staff’s training.

  • We’d like you to raise awareness and, if someone does express interest, ensure they stick to that commitment. Assign a member of staff to be a mentor champion to support them.

  • We’re in Cardiff, Greater Manchester and East London.

  • 1MM is currently funded by a combination of foundations, trusts, government grants and private investors. Going forward we’re developing ways to generate income to ensure our future.

  • This should take no more than 2-3 hours per month. Each month the VC will check in with the mentors to confirm the monthly mentoring session took place, and feed back to the assigned Mentoring Coordinator.