Georgia 2
Mentee Ambassador

Age: 24

Location: London

What are you doing at the moment?
I have just graduated with a first class honours degree in English and Spanish. My dream job is to be an account director. My passion lies in client-facing roles in advertising, marketing and strategy, helping brands make more meaningful relationships with consumers and the world around them.

How did you find your mentoring experience?
The mentoring experience has been exciting and extremely rewarding. It has given me the confidence to explore my likes and dislikes. With the help of my mentor, I have been able to discover more roles within marketing, giving me a sense of direction and purpose.

Why are you excited to be a 1MM ambassador?
I want to inspire and engage young people like myself to be bold, curious and ambitious about their futures.

Tell us one interesting fact about yourself.
I’ve played the violin since I was 6!