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One young person. One mentor. One to one. One hour a month for up to 12 months. One life changed.

Mentors can assist with exam preparations, organisational skills, further education options, application forms, career choices and interviews. Mentors can signpost you to other sources of support, provide access to relevant networks, and highlight opportunities for work placements.

With my home situation it was very hard. My mum didn’t allow me to come back home, and I had to try to come to college as usual and face my fears. I didn’t know where I was going to go, or what I was going to do, and as a young person that is very scary because I had no one to depend on. 1MM has really helped put that piece of the puzzle in place for me, and we are currently working on helping me achieve my dream job as an accountant, to work for myself and to have some kind of achievement for myself. That would really mean a lot. Mentee, Leo, aged 18, Manchester
Mentees 1

Why take part?

The best thing about 1MM is that it is a project for all young people.

You will gain skills and confidence which will help you in interviews as well as in everyday life – it will give you more confidence when talking to professionals, teachers, parents and even friends. Whatever guidance you need, your mentor will have years of work experience to provide you with the best support and advice.

We know from the mentees we have worked with already that, as a result of the programme, you will be:

  • More confident
  • Better able to communicate with others
  • More aware of your personal skills and what you can do to improve these
  • More comfortable meeting different professionals
  • More aware of the different options available to you

Above all, you will have developed an important relationship which could transform your future.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • No, it’s a free service to young people.

  • At 1MM we are proud of our ability to match mentors and mentees across difference. We train our mentors to have empathy and listening skills so that they are able to connect with young people even if they do not share the same personal or professional interests. If there is a specific reason why you need a specific type of mentor, then please inform your Mentoring Coordinator, or the 1MM team, who will discuss your requirements prior to matching.

  • We want to work with young people from a range of different backgrounds, regardless of gender, social class, religion or ethnic group. 1MM wants mentoring to be available to every young person who:

    • Wants support, advice and guidance to fulfil their potential
    • Is fully committed to attending mentoring sessions for one hour, once a month for up to a year
    • Will make the most of the opportunity by doing a small amount of homework ahead of each session
  • Due to the covid-19 pandemic, all mentoring for the foreseeable future will take place online.

  • It can take a couple of sessions to get used to having a mentor, so we would always advise to give it at least three sessions. If you still feel it is not the right fit, contact 1MM or your Mentoring Coordinator.

  • Yes. If your mentor agrees, you can speak to your mentor outside of your official mentor meetings. You can also communicate via social media if it’s for professional purposes – if both parties agree to doing so, 1MM allows mentors and mentees over the age of 18 to communicate via LinkedIn and Twitter.

  • In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, 1MM has moved its offer online and is now offering virtual one-to-one mentoring for young adults aged 18 to 25 years old.

    We are closely following guidance from the National Youth Agency (NYA) and are regularly monitoring the readiness level and its resulting impact on our service.

    If you would like to have a one-off face-to-face meeting with your mentor during this time we recommend that you watch this video. At least 24 hours before meeting your mentor please check the readiness level on the NYA website and also check for any local restrictions in your area. Please remember to always meet in a public place either outdoors (eg. in a public park) or indoors (eg. a cafe) as per the readiness level recommendations at the time.

    Thank you for your continued efforts to be safe whilst providing much needed mentoring to young people at this time.