1MM CEO Appointed as Non-Executive Director at The Christie

We are thrilled to announce that Alveena Malik, Chief Executive and Co-founder of One Million Mentors (1MM), has joined the Board of Directors at The Christie NHS Foundation Trust.

The Christie NHS Foundation Trust was the first specialist trust to be rated as ‘Outstanding’ twice (in 2016 and 2018) by the health regulator the Care Quality Commission (CQC). It referred to The Christie as ‘a leader in cancer care’ and ‘a pioneer in developing innovative solutions to cancer care.’ In 2017, the CQC rated The Christie as the best specialist trust in the country.

Alveena has over 20 years’ experience of working nationally on equality and cohesion issues as well as delivering social innovation projects.

Previously she was Head of UpRising, a national youth leadership charity. Alveena began her career at the Commission for Racial Equality (CRE) where she became Head of Communities and Integration Policy, leading the development of policies tackling issues such as segregation and extremism.

She was also advisor to the Law Society’s Equality and Diversity Committee and selected for the Northern Power Women Power List in 2020.

Alveena commented:

Living locally to The Christie, I am very aware what an important organisation it is and what wonderful care it provides to cancer patients. The pandemic in particular has highlighted how important our health infrastructure is and I hope my expertise, particularly surrounding diversity issues, will contribute to the already fantastic work happening.

Chairman of The Christie NHS Foundation Trust, Chris Outram, said:

We are delighted to welcome Alveena to the Board of Directors at The Christie. She has an impressive CV, particularly around diversity and community cohesion and we will welcome her experience as we continue to ensure we provide the very best cancer care to every patient in our community.

1MM Partnership with the Health Sector

Since its inception 1MM has been working with health professionals to support young people from diverse backgrounds, who are interested in joining the health sector, to be mentored and supported to access local opportunities.

Previous mentors on the programme include Jon Rouse, former Chief Officer of the Greater Manchester Health & Social Care Partnership, and Daniel Hallen, Head of Digital Technology at the NHS.  

Commenting on his motivations for mentoring, Jon said:

I think life is very complex for young people, particularly for young people from more disadvantaged backgrounds. In a world of instant communications, social media, a lot of opportunities are created and taken through relationships, and often some of those are quite informal. If you don’t have access to those networks or know how to use them, you’re at a further disadvantage. That’s the reason I got involved with 1MM – it’s a really meaningful way of connecting young people to the opportunities and networks that they need.

Daniel found the mentoring experience to be incredibly rewarding, in part because of the practical support he was able to offer his mentees. He said:

I was able to give my mentees [work experience and job shadowing] in Greater Manchester, which will help shape what they want to do. One was interested in pursuing pediatric nursing and the other was interested in neurology. I was able to give them something they ordinarily would not have had; it is sad that the Careers Service is not where it should be but it’s great that we as mentors are able to give those opportunities to our mentees to take their next steps.

We are very grateful to our current mentors in the health sector, who are providing invaluable support to young people, especially in these challenging times.

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