Local leaders celebrate arrival of pioneering mentoring programme

8th July 2019

On 4th July, Almacantar’s Centre Point Residences hosted supporters of the One Million Mentors (1MM) programme.

Centre Point is one of Almacantar’s most ambitious schemes, recently completing and boasting some of the most unrivalled views of the city in the whole of London. Almacantar employed over 2,000 people to develop the site; incredible artisans and both skilled and unskilled labour. The company orchestrated an entirely new public realm creating a new destination for London at Tottenham Court Road. Mike Hussey, CEO, generously welcomed friends and guests of 1MM to celebrate their arrival in the capital.

Leaders in politics, business and philanthropy gathered in one of the residences inside the Grade II listed building to demonstrate their commitment to 1MM.

1MM is a unique community-based mentoring programme, quickly growing roots across the UK. The aim is to transform young lives by connecting one million young people with one million mentors over the next decade. This ambitious programme is about backing young people to improve their career and life chances, while at the same time strengthening local communities.

Through a unique, innovative platform and personalised mentoring, young people are connected with an ever-growing network of businesses and professionals. 1MM harnesses and shares the experience and expertise of local leaders to foster life changing opportunities. Given the challenges now facing young people and communities, this programme is ultimately about bringing people across communities, building trust, raising aspirations and investing in local young people.

Eibhlish Fleming, Grants and Learning Manager at Spirit of 2012, says:

“It makes perfect sense for us to be funding 1MM because it embodies the ‘inspire a generation’ slogan from the Olympics. One great thing about 1MM is that three-quarters of

the mentoring relationships are between two people from different socioeconomic or ethnic backgrounds. I think it really is opening doors between different communities.”

Many of the event’s attendees have been involved with the programme since its pilot in London in 2017. Dominic Griffiths, partner in Mayer Brown’s London office, last night expressed his commitment to transforming opportunities, through 1MM, for young people living in his local East London community. A mentor himself, he says:

“I only mentored one person in my life and it changed my life.”

1MM is currently working with diverse communities across the Cardiff Capital Region, Greater Manchester and the West Midlands, and will be expanding into East London from September.

1MM will be working with local stakeholders in Hackney, Newham and Tower Hamlets, identifying schools, colleges, universities, charities and employment programmes who are keen to expose their students to the world of work to become youth partners.

1MM is currently recruiting for mentors in East London. If you’re aged over 25 years and are able to commit one hour, once a month for up to a year then please sign up here.

If you work with young people in Hackney, Newham or Tower Hamlets, please get in touch to find out how we can work together to further support young people.

If you would like to support 1MM as it looks to scale, please get in touch for more information.

Email: enquiries@onemillionmentors.org.uk

Website: https://1mm.org.uk/

Twitter: @1millionmentor1


Notes to Editors

For press enquiries, please contact Sally Kenyon via sally.kenyon@uprising.org.uk

UpRising Leadership

UpRising is a pioneering national charity, championing social mobility, diversity and equality issues. Their important work provides pathways to leadership and employment for 16-25 year olds who have talent, but lack opportunity.

UpRising’s mission is to break the cycle of unrepresentative power in the UK, by developing decision-makers who truly represent our diverse communities.

UpRising’s Theory of Change is to increase young people’s knowledge, networks, skills and confidence so that they can fulfil their leadership potential, find new opportunities and transform their world through social action.

UpRising has delivered innovative youth programmes since 2008, starting in East London and now operates in London, Luton, Birmingham, Greater Manchester and Cardiff.

One Million Mentors

One Million Mentors (1MM) is an exciting project established within UpRising. The aim is to use the latest digital technologies in order to train professionals online and scale the mentor offer across the UK. Our ambition is to identify, train and recruit a million mentors over the next ten years, to support a million young people entering the world of work, exploring further education or engaging in social action.

1MM is currently being funded by the DCMS/Nesta Connecting Communities Fund, Spirit of 2012, Rangoonwala Foundation and Almacantar. Founded in 2017, this young organisation is seeking further funding to support its London expansion.

In the West Midlands, 1MM is partnering with Mayor Andy Street and his Mayor’s Mentors scheme to recruit and train 2000 mentors by 2020.

In Cardiff, 1MM is partnering with the Cardiff Commitment which has over 160 local businesses signed up to supporting young people to access local work opportunities.

In Greater Manchester, 1MM partners with Manchester City Council, working with all the colleges in the city and most secondary schools, and has recently expanded into Oldham and Salford.

Rushanara Ali, MP for Bethnal Green and Bow and Co-founder and Chair  of 1MM, said:

“At a time of great anxiety about what the future holds for the next generation, we need a national effort to recruit and train a million mentors to help young people in our country. We must make sure that young people are given the opportunity to use their talent, skills and passion to make a positive contribution to our society.

Many of us have benefitted, at some point in our lives, from family, friends or colleagues who gave us words of encouragement or professional advice in order to make life changing decisions. We want to ensure all young people in the UK benefit from high quality mentoring to help them prepare for the world of work. We believe the full potential of
One Million Mentors could be transformational in increasing employability skills, unlocking new opportunities and networks, promoting social mobility and social cohesion.”

Alveena Malik, Co-Founder and Director of 1MM says:

“One Million Mentors is an innovative approach to connect local people within local communities to local opportunities in order to improve life chances.  1MM is developing an effective and efficient process to scale in order to bring together people to support and guide the next generation.”

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Watch our short video: https://youtu.be/6aOOtE7FDyE

Website:  www.onemillionmentors.org.uk

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