National mentoring programme offers positive pathways for young people at Serious Youth Violence Summit

One Million Mentors (1MM) is a unique community-based mentoring programme, quickly growing roots around the UK. The aim is to transform young lives by connecting one million young people with one million mentors. This ambitious programme backs the talents of young people to improve their career chances while at the same time strengthening local communities. 1MM was founded on the belief that through personal, one-to-one mentoring, more young people can grow the knowledge, networks, skills and confidence they need to succeed.

Through our unique, innovative platform and personalised mentoring, young people are connected with an ever-growing network of businesses and professionals. 1MM harnesses and shares the experience and expertise of local leaders to foster life changing opportunities. Given the challenges now facing young people and communities, this programme is ultimately about positive leadership.

The 1MM platform is designed for the busy professional, with the aim of providing a support framework to enable them to mentor effectively. 1MM mentors must be over the age of 25 years old; be a professional/retired professional and be able to commit to 1 hour, once a month for a period of up to 1 year. Professionals will receive online training, access to relevant resources and good practice advice, and face-to-face training in their local area. They will be able to track the progress of their young mentees and receive ongoing support throughout the mentoring relationship.

1MM is currently being funded by the DCMS/Nesta Connecting Communities Fund, Spirit of 2012, Rangoonwala Foundation and Almacantar. 1MM is a young organisation with a highly qualified staff and distinguished advisory board, with strong backgrounds in business and government. 1MM also enjoys the strongest bipartisan support.

Jo Harris, Lloyds Banking Group’s Ambassador for the Midlands, says:

Lloyds Banking Group are proud to be working with One Million Mentors to support the Mayors mentors scheme in the West Midlands – helping to set young people on the right path for a successful future and develop the life skills they will needs as they enter the world of work.

1MM is committed to recruiting, training and matching 3000 mentors to mentees across the regions by 2020. In addition to mentors, 1MM is seeking funding support and sponsorship from business, professional partnerships and foundations.

1MM is operating in three regions across the UK:

In West Midlands 1MM is partnering with Mayor Andy Street and his Mayor’s Mentors scheme to recruit and train 2000 mentors by 2020.

In Cardiff, 1MM is partnering with the Cardiff Commitment which has over 160 local businesses signed up to supporting young people to access local work opportunities.

In Greater Manchester 1MM partners with Manchester City Council, working with all the colleges in the city and most secondary schools. In the next few months, 1MM has plans to expand into Oldham and Salford, and East London during the summer.

Alveena Malik, Co-Founder and Director of One Million Mentors says:

One Million Mentors is an innovative approach to connect local people within local communities to local opportunities in order to improve life chances. 1MM is developing an effective and efficient process to scale in order to bring together people to support and guide the next generation.

1MM has established important business partnerships across the regions which inspire and motivate local employees to invest in local communities by providing young people with important guidance, support and signposting to local opportunities. It is these positive and diversionary activities we believe will help young people to believe that they have a positive role to play and contribute to their local communities.

Email: enquiries@onemillionmentors.org.uk
Website: 1mm.org.uk
Twitter: @1millionmentor1
Instagram: @onemillionmentors