Mission Statement

One Million Mentor’s mission is to transform the process of mentoring for all in the UK. Our ambition is to train, recruit and connect a million mentors to a million young people in order to increase youth employability, support social action and help break down social barriers.


One Million Mentors is currently a project within Uprising, a UK-wide youth leadership development organisation. UpRising’s mission is to open pathways to power for talented young people from diverse and underrepresented backgrounds. Young people are then equipped with the knowledge, networks, skills, and confidence to fulfil their leadership potential, find new opportunities, and transform the world around them through social action.

UpRising was set up through the Young Foundation in 2008, and launched as an independent charity in 2013.

The idea of 1MM is rooted in the most successful aspects of the UpRising Leadership Programme, in terms of allowing people to broaden their horizons and take on leadership. Mentoring was a critical factor in enabling young people to do this. 1MM exists to support professionals to be effective mentors, by providing a convenient framework and structure. 1MM believe that by facilitating and investing in the goodwill of professionals, they can address the skills gap agenda and be an enabler of social cohesion. 1MM want to ensure that every young person in the country has access to trained mentor by right and not privilege, as they transition into adulthood.


One Million Mentors is a timely offer, given that young people in the UK are currently facing some of the worst economic prospects for generations. The impetus for One Million Mentors comes from the recognition that there is significant opportunity to widen the scope of mentoring, increase the provision of mentoring to areas across the UK and generally strengthen the mentoring network by connecting existing organisations through the shared online platform.

“At a time of great anxiety about what the future holds for the next generation, we need a national effort to recruit and train a million mentors to help young people in our country. We must make sure that young people are given the opportunity to use their talent, skills and passion to make a positive contribution to our society. Many of us have benefitted, at some point in our lives, from family, friends or colleagues who gave us words of encouragement or professional advice in order to make life changing decisions. We want to ensure all young people in the UK benefit from high quality mentoring to help them prepare for the world of work. We believe the full potential of One Million Mentors could be transformational in increasing employability skills, unlocking new opportunities and networks, promoting social mobility and social cohesion.”
Rushanara Ali MP, Co-Founder of UpRising and Founding Chair of One Million Mentors