Partner with 1MM

If you’re a youth partner (working with young people aged 18-25 years) or an employer organisation based in Cardiff, East London or Greater Manchester and you’d like to discuss partnership opportunities, contact us at: enquiries@onemillionmentors.org.uk.

Students have the opportunity to access careers support from an experienced professional; gain insight to an industry/profession; start to build a professional network; learn how to write persuasive job applications, CVs and covering letters; acquire skills to perform well in an interview; and find and apply for work experience opportunities. Youth Partner, Louisa Chastney, Queen Mary University of London

What we expect of you

As a youth partner, we will support you in setting up and maintaining the mentoring programme; however, we do require one member of staff to be a designated “Mentor Coordinator” and manage the programme internally. This will involve completing DBS checks, being the first point of contact for mentors, organising mentoring sessions and supporting 1MM in collecting surveys and demographic information.

How to take part?

  1. Register your organisation: Complete this form.
  2. Induction Pack: We’ll send a detailed induction pack and support you step by step.
  3. Post an opportunity: You’ll post an opportunity; mentors can apply for you to accept.
  4. Mentor Induction: We’ll help you host a Mentor Induction – welcome mentors, share objectives, conduct safeguarding checks etc.
  5. Match mentors to mentees: Review mentor profiles to match to your young people.
  6. Mentee induction & begin mentoring: We’ll run a brief Mentee Induction – helping prepare your students for getting the most from a mentoring relationship.