Ruth Gabrasadig

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Ruth Gabrasadig
Mentee Project Coordinator

Ruth is a recent graduate of Criminology and Sociology at St Mary’s University; this gave her
the foundation to understand inequalities in society spurring her to pursue a career within
the charitable sector. During her studies, she interned at The Wonder Foundation where she
was involved in organising many conferences and managing a wide range of administrative
projects. In her role, she had many opportunities to travel to countries like Italy and Poland
representing the UK delegation at fundraising and policy events. 
In Ruth’s summers, she runs a cultural and educational summer course for international
students with DHEF she has always enjoyed working with young people. At a young age, she
cofounded a club which focuses on supporting young girls in their social and personal
development in East London driving her passion for bringing opportunities for those who
are disadvantaged. 
Ruth regularly volunteers across the world in camps for young people and spends her free
time running and fundraising for various charities.