Tufael Ahmed

Tufael Ahmed 2
Tufael Ahmed
Head of Technology and Finance

Tufael was formerly Project Director of a private equity company, where he was responsible for the strategic planning of resources, systems, processes and procedures for each of the group’s companies. He was also a key advisor to the board of directors, providing strategic input on operational decisions as well as technology-focussed potential investments.

Previously, Tufael has been involved in technology for over 20 years, having co-owned and built two technology companies, one in solutions and the other in software. He shared responsibility for building them from the ground up and is well suited to providing advice to startups and growing businesses.

After working as a freelance consultant to SME organisations that have a critical technological element, who require support on business strategy and operational activities, Tufael is now Head of Tech at 1MM. He is also passionate about local communities and their engagement with civil society. He contributes to a number of community-based organisations in his spare time.