Who we work with

Who We Work With 3


One Million Mentors works across diversity.

59% of the young people we are working with are from disadvantaged backgrounds.

54% of the young people we are working with are from BAME (black, Asian and minority ethnic) backgrounds.

74% of our mentoring relationships are between a mentor and mentee from different ethnic and social backgrounds.

We are committed to expanding our mentoring network to include more diverse people who are working, retired or on a career break, of all ages and from all backgrounds.

With a professional career, you’re missing that rewarding touch. I think with mentoring, what makes it really special is that you’re impacting a young person’s life and it causes a ripple in their future. Like a teacher, you’re making an impact on another person’s life. Mentor, Abu Patel, KPMG, Manchester


Our range of partners means 1MM can offer young people the chance to connect with a mentor who can steer them on a wide variety of career paths.

Our mentors all have one thing in common – they’re invested in young people and their futures.

97% are mentoring to help other people

72% are mentoring to benefit from a sense of personal fulfillment

Our mentors offer a wide range of industry-specific and general career advice and guidance. Their top five skills are:

  • General guidance
  • Motivation
  • Career planning
  • Interview skills
  • CV development
Who We Work With 3