Who We Work With

Who We Work With 3


1MM works across diversity.

Currently 59% of the young people we work with are from disadvantaged backgrounds.

54% of our mentees are BAME (black, Asian and minority ethnic background).

74% of 1MM mentoring relationships are between a mentor and young person from different ethnic and social backgrounds.

1MM is committed to expanding our mentoring network to include more diverse people who are working, retired or on a career break, from all backgrounds and of all ages.

With a professional career, you’re missing that rewarding touch. I think with mentoring, what makes it really special is that you’re impacting a young person’s life and it causes a ripple in their future. Like a teacher, you’re making an impact on another person’s life. Mentor, Abu Patel, KPMG, Manchester


Our range of partners means 1MM offers young people the chance to connect with mentors who can steer them on a wide variety of career paths.

Our mentors all have one thing in common – they’re invested in young people and their futures.

97% are mentoring to help other people and 72% are mentoring for the feelgood factor of helping.

Our mentors offer a wide range of industry-specific and general career advice and guidance. Their top five skills are:

  • General guidance
  • Motivation
  • Career planning
  • Interview skills
  • CV development
Who We Work With 3