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One simple idea that gives one young person the opportunity to thrive. One regular conversation, one hour a month, one life changed.

You can cross cultural divides that another type of relationship can’t. My mentee is a young Muslim woman, and I’m a white older man. And yet I’ve been able to share my knowledge and understand her ambitions and tap into those. And there can’t be many things that cross that many divides. When else would I be able to sit down with someone from a completely different age group, gender, and religion? Mentor, Jon Rouse, Former CEO, GM Health & Social Care Partnership
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Become a trained mentor – help a young person reach their potential

If you’re working or retired, have five years general working experience or two years post-graduate working experience, you can mentor with us.

All we’ll ask you to do is complete online training and an online workshop, and then commit one hour, once a month, for up to a year.

So what’s in it for our mentors? That’s simple – you’ll have the chance to use your experience and skills to help change a young person’s life.

You’ll be giving something back that will really make a difference and 1MM will be with you every step of the way to support you while you do it.

Share a lifetime of experience

If you’re retired, with a lifetime of skills to share, you can use them to inspire young people.

All we’ll ask you to do is complete online training and an online workshop, and then commit one hour, once a month, for up to a year.

So what’s in it for our mentors? The experience and expertise you’ve gained throughout your career is valuable to young people at the start of theirs.

You’ll be giving something back that will really make a difference and 1MM will be with you every step of the way to support you while you do.

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It’s exciting and scary. It pushes you to do things when you think I’d rather stay in bed or watch telly. It’s stimulating. It probably does more for a mentor like me than it does for the kids that you speak to. You’re doing a service for the retired people as well. It’s a two-way thing. It’s brilliant for both mentor and mentee. Mentor, Caroline, 74, Manchester

Frequently Asked Questions

  • One Million Mentors gives free online training and support to prospective mentors. All we ask is for mentors to volunteer free of charge, one hour a month for up to 12 months.

  • From signing up to meeting your mentee will take 4-6 weeks.

    To become a 1MM mentor, you’ll need to complete our online training, lasting 1 to 2 hours, and generally completed in 14 days. Don’t worry, your progress is saved so you can do it whenever it suits you. Our mentor development package also includes a mentor workshop which lasts 2.5 hours.

    Sounds like a big commitment? It is, but time spent developing essential mentor skills will make you an effective mentor and that’s important. A few hours invested now will help a young person for the rest of their life.

  • Don’t be discouraged. The numbers of young people signing up are increasing month on month. We might not be able to find the right match for your skills just now, but you could well be the best match for the next young person that joins us.

    We thank you for your patience, and we will continue the search for an appropriate match.

  • Give it time. Often connections get stronger as people get to know one another, but if by the third session you still feel it’s not working, please reach out to us for advice.

    You can find more tips on what makes a good mentoring relationship here.

  • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all mentoring for the foreseeable future will take place online.

  • In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, 1MM has moved its offer online and is now offering virtual one-to-one mentoring for young adults aged 18 to 25 years old.

    We are closely following guidance from the National Youth Agency (NYA) and are regularly monitoring the readiness level and its resulting impact on our service.

    If you would like to have a one-off face-to-face meeting with your mentee during this time we recommend that you watch this video. At least 24 hours before meeting your mentee please check the readiness level on the NYA website and also check for any local restrictions in your area. Please remember to always meet in a public place either outdoors (eg. in a public park) or indoors (eg. a cafe) as per the readiness level recommendations at the time.

    Thank you for your continued efforts to be safe whilst providing much needed mentoring to young people at this time.

  • If your mentee discloses current child abuse, or is in danger of harming themselves or others, you must tell the Designated Safeguarding Lead or Mentoring Coordinator at the relevant institution, or in the absence of a Youth Partner, you should contact 1MM’s Designated Safeguarding Lead.

    We have a comprehensive section on safeguarding in Level 1 training. For more information on safeguarding please click here.

  • The longer your relationship, the more meaningful and productive it’s likely to be.

    We encourage mentors to meet for one hour, once a month, for up to a year, although shorter mentoring periods are possible.

  • From time to time, mentors may be offered a gift from their mentee, or want to treat them to a gift as a reward. As well as small gifts, this can also take the form of food, drink and entertainment. Please see our full mentor gifts and hospitality policy which covers how to handles this whilst staying compliant with both the UK bribery Act 2010 and 1MM’s commitment to safeguarding.

  • If your mentee is aged 18 years and above, and they agree to sharing their contact details, you can communicate via email or a professional social media platform such as LinkedIn or Twitter. If your mentee is under the age of 18, you must communicate via the Mentoring Coordinator at their institution.

  • If you have any technical issues using our website, email us at enquiries@onemillionmentors.org.uk and we’ll fix it as quickly as we can.